Kristen to Appear on El Hormiguero?

Not sure when this will be/if this will happen, but regardless Kristen is mentioned on El Hormiguero’s new promotional video! 🙂

Note: They spell her name WRONG. Ugh this is so absolutely frustrating to me. How hard is it to spell K-R-I-S-T-E-N? Jeez!


Source: Facebook | León (Edward) + Oveja (Bella) = Monstruo del Lago Ness (Nessie)

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2 thoughts on “Kristen to Appear on El Hormiguero?

  1. Maybe they’re having both Kirsten Dunts and Kristen Stewart so they just did a hybrid of their names 😀 LOL

  2. I KNOW IT’S FRUSTRATING THAT THEY MISSPELLED “KRISTEN’S NAME” i mean how hard is it to spell Kristen Stewart’s name

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