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As of August 19, 2012, we have deleted all traces of paparazzi images on Strictly Robsten. This was not only time-consuming for me, but it was also a very liberating experience because we can now call ourselves true supporters of Rob and Kristen. They have voiced their opinions of paparazzi countless times, saying how disgusting and invading this industry can be; therefore, we will not support this unlawful behavior. We have absolutely no right as fans to know Rob and Kristen’s whereabouts at any given moment. They are people just like you and me. Just because they are in movies and in the media doesn’t give us the right to pry into their personal lives. As Jodie Foster made clear, they are normal people, simply making a living, nothing more, nothing less. Put yourself in their shoes: I don’t think you would like someone peeking into a window of your house with a long range camera lens, and then turnaround and sell that picture for thousands of dollars.

Strictly Robsten will adhere to a strict NO PAP POLICY with the exception of official public appearances or under fan consent. Rob and Kristen are coherently aware of the photographers in these circumstances and have given expressed permission for such photographs to be distributed.

At this time, I would like to introduce to you the Paparazzi Reform Initiative. I dare you to visit that website and not be completely and utterly disgusted by these heartless rats! *Warning: Some videos featured in that website can be disturbing.*

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22 thoughts on “No PAP Policy

  1. What you have done is highly commendable…Congratulations!!! My compliments to you and the site…I agree 100% with what you wrote…They are normal people and should have a right to their privacy…What is being done to them is invasive and intrusive…They deserve more…Plus they should be shown some respect…Thank you…

    • You’re welcome! Glad that we could make a difference somehow … hoping that more people will follow in our footsteps 🙂

    • I’m glad to see you supporting, really supporting them. But, is it allowed to read the tabloid while in line at the grocery store? Don’t buy it, and go through the line as often as it takes to read the article…..j/k

  2. I loved this page before and now I love it even more !!! Thank you for being real caring fans 🙂 This only shows what a beautiful human beings you are, it’s admirable !!! Though my english it’s not so good, i’ve just wanted you to know that I (we) appreciate your dedication =* Kisses from Sinaloa, México !!!

  3. I can’t agree more with the NO PAP POLICY. Rob and Kris deserve that their private life stay strictly private. As fans, we don”t need to know everything about their life, and we also can show them a lot of respect and thank them for the kindness they have always give to their fans.

  4. You have my deepest respect. If only more sites were to go pap free…their soul-destroying articles and pictures would dry up. I’ve bookmarked you.

  5. thank you so much this mean a lot in this hard times, i’am from baja california mexico ,so i visit this site about a year until now i learn english so i try my best,thank you again for use the logic and heart too to all the team.

  6. I respect you so much for doing this. The most recent pic of Kristen, I couldn’t bring myself to look at it at other sites, instead I just closed my eyes and scrolled down the page until there was text. I agree that you should only post pics of them at official functions and fan pics, that’s all. Paps are disgusting and need to leave her alone!

    • Exactly! Maybe if we can get everyone to stop spreading them, then the papz will prey on another celebrity?

      • That would be really good, but I’m not sure how to do that. I don’t have twitter, facebook, nothing. I think the fact is that, the papz will never stop following her until people lose an interest in knowing about her personal life. Sadly, she is young and like Rob said, “breathtakingly beautiful” and I myself, have never ever seen a Hollywood pair so well matched in the looks dept. as Rob and Kristen. It’s just my opinion, but I think it’s very rare and special. And if we see this, then the media sees this as well. They are like Hollywood royalty, everyone wants to know about them, the prince and princess of the entertainment movie industry. In fact, I bet you 10 bucks that even if they both step out of Hollywood and stop becoming actors, people will still be wondering about them, and needing to know about their personal lives. And until this interest in them goes away, the papz will remain close by.

        The best thing is for them to live outside of Los Angelos if they are trying to avoid the papz. I think papz only lurk in LA and Malibu. But outside of it, I honestly think they can live a normal life without being bothered by people.

  7. Thank you!!! I find the lap pictures disturbing. Love knowing I can go on this site and enjoy reading about their accomplishment!!

  8. Wow so nice of you!!!!!!I am so happy that you are doing this.We are really happy with their public appearances and we dont want to snatch their personal life from them.Great work!!!!Proud of you Melissa!!!!!11

  9. Hi Melissa, thank you for doing that. It’s so nice to see some websites adopt this policy. You may, if you haven’t yet, look into what the Paparazzi Reform Initiative is doing and what people like yourself can do to help. Feel free to follow them at @PAPARAZZIReform and visit their website at Good job and thank you for truly respecting both Rob and Kristen as well as other celebrities. They are people too and deserve to have what we all have, privacy and respect.

    • I love your site. They are people first and shouldn’t have so little opportunities for privacy. But, it is hard to pass up the information. I glad you are here, a safe place to keep up without supporting the paparazzis

  10. Thank you for all the work on this!! Not only on this blog but on deleting the Pap pics! I once saw a video of KS literally crying as she was being chased/hounded by papz to get the pic!! What they are going through now is tough for anyone in a relationship, let alone one in which the world is watching 24//7. Thank you for providing a site w/ a “Pap” free zone for us to continue to support Rob and Kristen. I pray for them and am hoping hearts will heal and forgiveness will prevail…..KS is someone’s daughter, sister, partner and friend. Rob is someone’s son, brother, partner and friend. Before they were celebrities, they were “human” and deserve the respect due anyone who is loved and cared about. I must say I am saddened by the celebrity community who aside from Jodie and Bill Condon have not come out to say “leave them alone”…..It is a private matter therefore I understand the silence of most. However, the backlash has been brutal. Worse, the comic relief is neither comedic or a relief. As I like to (hashtag) #jodiegotitright and #itsfunnyuntilitsyou Thank you again for all your hard work. We appreciate you!:)

  11. 100 % agree. Cheers from Hungary. I myself would like to see the paparazzi punished for stalking and the end of this whole disgusting business. These things used to be civilized. Nonetheless, I am happy Robsten made up.

  12. But you posted a picture of Robert riding on his bike in Australia.That’s a paps pic. You broke your own edict

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