Pics of Florabotanica Presentation

These pictures are coming from an Austrian German blog, so the rough translation (from Google translate) as to what they are saying in the article is a little iffy. They seem to talk a lot about how the timing of Kristen’s indiscretion and the release of the fragrance isn’t the most ideal. Regardless, here’s the pictures they took of the presentation:

Thanks to @QueenKingfish for sending me the link 🙂
Credit to @malenacasey for finding <3
More Pics added thanks to KStewartFans
Source: IsaTrends

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3 thoughts on “Pics of Florabotanica Presentation

  1. hello, I am from Austria, if you need anything translated I can do it for you 🙂 Just send me the articles from Austria or Germany, its the same language

    • OOh really?! If you click on the Source’s link, it’ll bring you directly to that page that needs to be translated 🙂 TY sooo much in advance.

  2. Ive checked your translation and its right. they talked a lot about Kstew as a nasty person who shows that image on the ad blabla… its not the best article!! And they talk about the black and white stripes on the parfum because these are the only colours in nature (AHA!) said Goya and the writer explains everything what you can already see.
    great article :-/

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