Rob and Cronenberg Talk to TIME During NYC Cosmopolis Junket

Rob and David Cronenberg talked to TIME Entertainment during their NYC ‘Cosmopolis’ Press Junket.  They talk about the prostate exam scene, what Rob would do if he had to prepare for a sex scene, and Rob’s new projects: Mission Blacklist and The Rover.

Robert, do you have any tips for actors who have to play a prostate-exam scene?

RP: I was about three inches from Emily [Hampshire]’s face, which made it easier because if there was any distance she could have judged what I was doing, but the fact that it was so close meant that I had the upper hand—

DC: As it were!

RP: —In a very humiliating situation. That was probably the most powerful I felt during the making of the whole movie. I only found out later that a prostate exam only takes, like, a few seconds.

DC: They literally take twelve seconds. If it goes on longer, then your doctor is trying to seduce you.

What are the next movies you have going into production?

DC: I’d love to work with Rob again, and particularly I think Rob and Viggo Mortensen [star of Cronenberg’s A History of ViolenceEastern Promises and A Dangerous Method] would be fantastic together. But I’d have to sit down and write my Rob and Viggo movie. I don’t have my next movie. At one point Eastern Promises 2 was possible but that’s fallen apart for various reasons. Bruce Wagner wrote a script called Maps to the Stars; there’s a role for Rob in it, and Viggo, too. We’ll see if we can get it financed. It makes Cosmopolis look easy to finance, and it wasn’t.

RP: I’m going to make this movie [Mission: Blacklist] about Eric Maddox, an Army interrogator who was one of the major people responsible for finding Saddam Hussein. He was working with JSOC [Joint Special Operations Command], which isn’t supposed to exist, and they found Saddam Hussein by themselves but they couldn’t say it was them. The story is crazy, absolutely bizarre. It’s a really cool director called Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire. We’re going to shoot in Iraq next summer. In January I’m doing this other movie [The Rover] with David Micôd, who did the Australian movie Animal Kingdom—a futuristic western with Guy Pearce.

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Picture Source: NYSE Facebook

Article Source: Time / Via RPLife

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