Rob on Good Morning America


(Source: abcnews | Youtube: @veronicaspuffy)


See HQ pics of Rob arriving HERE


Source: @cosmopolis_blog / @leyla_831 / @aliceinnyc / @londonstew / @egerts / @leaf_chick

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4 thoughts on “Rob on Good Morning America

  1. This interview made my stomach hurt b/c I felt so uncomfortable for him 🙁
    He’s at that stage in his breakup (we’ve all been there) where he’s just kinda incoherent and people just sit and nod while patting your back.
    The journalists/hosts have to realize he’s not gonna talk a/b Kristen. He needs time to heal, but he has to promote his movie. Not a good time for a breakup.
    Not to mention, K is prob watching these interviews and she’s hurting, too b/c she sees what she’s done to him. It’s a bad time.
    I just want to hug him.

  2. Take all the time you need, Rob, you will come back stronger after all, whatever the choices you make, by and for yourself, for you to be better. As fans, we will stay by your side and support you and encourage you in every way you choose to go. The movies projects in which you are engaged seem extremely interesting, they are smart choices. It will be a pleasure to go to the theater next year to see Queen of the Desert, The Rover and Mission Blacklist. Congratulations !

  3. Clearly this host tried to be the next Jon Stewart and failed, it came out really awkward – I was cringing as I was watching him struggle. I hope Jimmy Kimmel handles things better next week…

  4. The timing of it all really kind of sucks because he HAS to promote Cosmopolis, he HAS to put himself out in the spotlight, just when all he probably wants is hiding someplace until the dust settles. I mean, he looks amazing, probably the best I’ve seen him in a while, but as soon as he starts speaking you see how on the surface it all is.

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