Rob will be Attending NYC ‘Cosmopolis’ Premiere on Aug 13

Although this is coming from a source that we have grown to now question, People mag is claiming that Rob is apparently scheduled to attend the premiere of COSMOPOLIS on Aug 13th and the press junket on Aug 14th.

This is a quote from his rep:

Cosmopolis is a film that Robert is very proud of and looks forward to supporting,” his rep said in a statement Wednesday. “No confirmed engagements have been canceled. Any reports to the contrary are inaccurate.”

And here’s what People magazine says Rob is confirmed for:

So the fiercely private Pattinson will have to face the media and fan frenzy during the Cosmopolis premiere in New York City on Aug. 13 and speak to reporters at a press event the following day.

And now we have a confirmation that Rob WILL BE attending the premiere and Q&A w/ Cronenberg:

Source: People Magazine

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3 thoughts on “Rob will be Attending NYC ‘Cosmopolis’ Premiere on Aug 13

  1. Good for him that the way he should be, focus on his work and life after the cheating. Rob remember how life it used to be before kristen give the time of the day you were in love with her and she didn’t pay attentions to you so you were dating other women just do the same go out and date women (hey even go and date you cosmopolis wife sarah gadon if she is available) perhaps you will come out of this dark period faster.kstew is not worth it man!

    • Hey now now, have some truths with you before you jump on to conclusions to yourself ok?As per your comment life before kristen? Well this proves that you are not a fan of rob at all cos if you were you would have known that he mentioned that bcos of of kristen’s presence in his life it has always been colourful, ofcourse you dont know about this and all other things he is..

      And again i am nt being rude please please understand i am nt defending her actions but every one is prone to commit mistakes she did and pple now know how much she is suffering….all of you are showering hate on her as though she has murdered some one and none are understanding.Bfore this happened she has never acknowledged her relationship with rob in public but then she apologised to him and the whole world for her actins and she said she loves him and she is SORRY and miserable pls pls understand…….

  2. I wanna go 2 the premier in nyc. IF any of u know where the Premiere is gonna b/ the place let me know, so i can buy my plane tix #supportrob 🙂

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