Rob to talk to ‘Good Morning America’ – August 15th

UPDATE: According to eOnline and OnTheRedCarpet, GMA reps confirmed that the interview will air live on August 15th. The show airs at 7 a.m. ET.


Livestream links:

UPDATE (Times and Livestreams thanks to Gossipgyal & Spunk-Ransom):

7-9AM ET / 4-6AM PT / 12-2PM BST / 1-3PM CET

Info Thanks to RPLife

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7 thoughts on “Rob to talk to ‘Good Morning America’ – August 15th

  1. I am sure they will be limited as to what they can ask about Cosmopolis mainly and maybe upcoming projects. Most questions in the past about his personal life were off limits so I am sure that will not change.

  2. oh come on, this is journalism one on one freedom of speech this what people go to college, a fair journalist MUST ask the question of the moment and I’m sure the journalist is going to ask that Robert of his people answer is another matter, but I’m dying to know what he is going to do with his life (fair and simple people a professional jornalism don’t take side is against the rule). if not watch barbara walter diane sawyer bryan williams walter kronkite interviewed tapes through the year watch and learn people.

  3. I just hope that whenever Rob or Kristen attends an interview their personal feelings is compartmentalize or the interviewer should respect their personal space and privacy. it must be focused on the movie alone…….

  4. I have a bad feeling about this interview. I really do. I pray they won’t bash Kristen because it seems like everyone is Team Rob and Kristen should be burned at the stake. I hope things go smoothly but I doubt they will. If he says they are over I will be crushed.

  5. @moneymo: i’m so with you on this… why all of a sudden robsten is divided into team rob or team kristen… :@ those are not the real fans who are doing this….

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