Rob’s Interview w/ the Miami Herald

Rob talks about how he acquired the role as Eric Packer in Cosmopolis, saying that:

“I got the script out of the blue and was offered the role, which was a little shocking. Usually, the movies I am offered straight-up are terrible. This script felt so original, it was almost gleaming. I knew there was a movie to be made here. I was just worried that I might not be the one to pull it off. I kept thinking ‘There are tons of people better than me for this job!’ It took me a while to make peace with that.”

Rob further comments about how nerve-wrecking it was when he first began filming:

“At the start of the movie, I am wearing this dark, blank suit. I am wearing completely blacked-out sunglasses and I’m standing still, not moving. Every tool actors use for their performance has been taken away from me, but I felt secure because I knew David was watching me — really watching me — and that gives you confidence. Most of the time on movie sets, I question whether the director is even paying attention to what I’m doing.”

The dialogue in Cosmopolis is poetic. The way sentences are put together and how the words just fall off of your tongue so calculated are beautifully translated on screen. Rob commented on how he felt liberated by this syntax:

“I felt a physical connection with the writing — I thought it was so good — and I wanted to read it aloud as soon as I got the script, just to see how it sounded. It is so perfectly written. I loved the fact that I didn’t need to put my personal stamp on it as an actor. I just had to perform it in the truest way possible.”

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Source: Miami Herald

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