Shorter Version of ‘On The Road’ to Debut at TIFF

Looks like Walter Salles, director of ON THE ROAD, has taken the constructive criticism he received at Cannes to heart and has been working on a new, revised version of the film. I am interested to see how this version differs from what was shown to audiences in France. Luckily, I was able to see the film over there multiple times, so I will be able to tell you guys if anything major has changed, etc.

“The response at Cannes was that some people loved it and some people were respectful of it, like some people loved the book. And Walter took a lot of that to heart. He’s gone back, and we’re unveiling a new cut in Toronto, which is about 15 minutes shorter. It’s a little over two hours now. He’s added certain things that weren’t in the cut that was in Cannes,” he explained. “He has been in New York and Rio and L.A. working on it the past couple of months, and it’s going to be very wet when it gets to Toronto. We’re locked, but they’re finishing the mix up right now. We’re very, very excited about it.”

Source: IndieWire

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