Attending the LA Premiere of ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2’?

Hey all! This year, I (Mel) will be making the trek over to Los Angeles to witness the last Twilight Saga premiere at the Nokia Theater. If you are going and would possibly like to meet up with me, I’ve attached a little contact sheet below, asking for your twitter and/or email, so we can start getting the logistics situated. I am so so so excited! November can’t get here soon enough!

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5 thoughts on “Attending the LA Premiere of ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2’?

  1. Hello Melissa! Hope all is well. I’ve been a lurker in this site for quite sometime and I love it! I’ll be flying to LA by November and I am really planning on going to the premiere to see what is it out there and of course, this would be the last and I want to experience it. However, I do not know what to expect… do I really need to camp out? By any chance I can just go there to the premiere day? I really just wanted to see the cast in person and I’m all good! For those who has already experienced going to Twi premieres, how was it? Do I have to spend the whole week? whole day at Tent city? and by how much would the premiere ticket cost? Sorry for so many questions, hope you can help me on this. Thanks so much!

  2. Hi I noticed you are from Austin, TX! So am I and I will be going this year as well. I already gave you my info those. Hope to meet you there! =)

  3. Are people still able to meet with you and be part of your group? I know we’re still waiting for official rules. I just didn’t know if I had missed any details of meeting up with you yet!

  4. Hi Melissa. I want to let you know that I love your site! I am trying to see if I can make it to the LA premiere. I am waiting for more info about tent city, hopefully it’s released soon. If I go (which is a strong possibility) I will be going by myself and it would be nice to have a few people to hang out with. But as soon as we get more info I will know if I can make it hope to talk to you about meeting up! 🙂

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