Kristen Attends Balenciaga PFW Show – September 27, 2012

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HQs (courtesy of KStewartFans)


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During Show




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*Disclaimer: We have made the collective decision to post the pictures of Kristen arriving to the event. There is no red carpet; however, she is fully aware of the press and photographers waiting outside of the venue. Although Kristen would probably be there on her own accord, she has attended this event as the spokeswoman of the new Balenciaga Fragrance, Florabotanica. Therefore, her purpose is to create publicity for the Balenciaga brand.

How To Get Ex Boyfriend Back

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7 thoughts on “Kristen Attends Balenciaga PFW Show – September 27, 2012

  1. Wow, she is sitting next to and is even talking to Anna Wintour! That’s a great front row seat she has there!

  2. baby girl looks so tired, but so beautiful. You can tell in the video she was nervous even from a distance. So glad you didn’t abandon her through this difficult time. Thank you Melissa, keep up the good work 🙂

  3. Too many people are wearing the same padded leather jacket like Kristen, even in the pictures. The half on, half off look seems like the jacket is too hot for the event or is she trying to be sexy? Also, she is too close to Nicholas G. Am I getting paranoid, I am not Rob, but I cannot shake it off.

    Anna Wintour’s outfit looks like it belongs on someone’s seventies wall bathroom.

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