Kristen in British Vogue (October 2012) Scans

If you would like to read the ENTIRE interview, you can view the scans here. (Via @katorcrog / @dallianna)

The article begins with the interviewer meeting with Kristen at a secluded Mexican restaurant in LA where Kristen says there will be no “cockroaches” (aka paps) and says she doesn’t even know why she’s looking at the menu because she already made herself lunch (cutie!).  They talk about her family, her childhood, ‘On the Road’, Balenciaga, and more!

Here are a few quotes I pulled from the interview!

I’d half-expected the meeting to be one of those classic journalistic struggles, but, in fact, she turned out to be excellent company: interesting, interested, articulate, funny, easy. She spoke carefully, with precision; a Valley Girl, sure, with all the “dudes” and the “likes”, but an articulate, measured one. She was especially droll and affectionate about her upbringing in the San Fernando Valley: how her mother, Jules, a scriptwriter/artist/’doer to the point of OCDness’, has a proper tattoo sleeve, hair extensions and a dog that’s part wolf; how she has decorated almost every ceiling in the house with one of her crazy Alice in Wonderland murals; and how Kristen and her brother Cameron would come home from school and there Jules might be “ripping out a bathroom” because she was bored. She joked about how her dad, Bill, a stage manager with waist-length hair, has suddenly developed a thing for fashion and was “beginning to look like Karl Lagerfield. He keeps asking me to get him a Balenciaga man-bag and I keep saying, ‘Dad? Absolutely not!'”

“I can’t be a free spirit,” she had said, almost imploringly, at one point when we first met. “Not in a normal, relatable way anyway. I can’t even do my own groceries or walk through a mall. How could I be? But, at the same time, there are always different ways I can explore my freedom. My country is definitely a smaller place to the way it was in On The Road, but that doesn’t mean the spirit will ever go away.”

“My God, I’m so in love with my boyfriend,” she suddenly confided, squeezing her fists and stiffening that little body with anticipation. “I wish he were here now. I think I want to have his babies.”

“God, I miss him,” she said, raking her hair back and exhaling a plume of smoke. “I love the way he smells. And him me. Like, he loves to lick under my armpits. I don’t get this obsession with washing the smell off. That smell of someone you love. Don’t you think its the whole point?”

Source: / @charlottesaint and @wearesibling  via @csi_robsten

Source 2: @kristenstewbabe (full page spread)

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