Kristen in October 2012 Issue of Teen Vogue

KS: I fit into this fragrance’s world really naturally. I didn’t feel like I was doing a beauty ad, lying on a couch with a bunch of bronzer on my face. This shoot fueled me the same way a movie does. And in Nicholas, I see that same energy I feel to act bleed into fashion. I saw someone who loves what he does so much that he can’t not do it.

NG: Yes. It’s quite classic advice: People should simply do what they really want to do. Have respect for others, but don’t compromise. Be brave.

KS: Right- don’t be afraid.

NG: What you think is your weakness can be your strength.

KS: Exactly! There are different people in life. One really distinguishing factor is whether you’re motivated or crippled by fear- do you move toward or away from it? Its so normal as a teen to be fearful. As I’m getting older, though, I’m getting more comfortable and well versed in the fear. That’s when you’re challenging yourself and you’re going to thrive. Life should offer things that are unexpected. Be ready to accept those experiences.

Read the rest of the transcript here thanks to Robsten Dreams

Source: Fashion Scans Remastered / @supermodelscans

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