Kristen & Jennifer Lawrence Hang Out at SoHo House Party

How adorable is it that Kristen and Jennifer Lawrence officially met each other at TIFF and then proceeded to hang out with each other at the SoHo House Party?! I can just picture them sitting in a far corner, talking about films, projects, and fame. I’m sure Jennifer and Kristen can relate to each other now that they are both the [newly] famous heroines of their own franchises–one is just beginning as the other is ending.

These are young, young women (22) with the world at their feet. Stewart told me she didn’t know what her next project was going to be. Lawrence told us she starts shooting the second “Hunger Games” movie on Tuesday.

“Tuesday? This Tuesday?” Stewart screamed. “Have you rehearsed?”

“Yep,” said Lawrence, “we’re all done and ready to go.”

The two young ladies had not met in person before, but on the internet. “The internet brought us together,” said Lawrence. “There was a fake story in one of the tabloids about a feud or something.  We didn’t even know each other so we started talking by email.”

Source: Showbizz411

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