Kristen Talks ‘On The Road’ w/ Metro News

Kristen comments on the treatment of the female characters in On The Road, saying that they were strong women in their own right. They could take the treatment from the male characters “that’s why they were there”.

Later, Kristen talks about the pressures of taking on such a famous character:

It’s a self-imposed pressure. Everyone wants you to do all of these characters justice, especially people that really, really loved the book and people that have known them over the years. Getting to know the real people, hanging out with her daughter and listening to hours and hours of tapes, it adds pressure but at the same time it makes it OK to be there. So every second that I went, “Oh, I’m feeling a little nervous” or something, there was absolutely no reason to be because everything that we’re doing is coming from the right place, and that’s ultimately all you can be responsible for. Anything past that, you’re just being vain.

We were put in the perfect position to completely lose our minds. And so how can you get nervous about that? You’re not supposed to have the control, so f—ing relax and stop taking yourself so seriously. Do you know what I mean? If you can do that, then you’ll be doing it justice.

Two lucky twitter users got their questions answered by Kristen:

Q: Why do you think ‘On The Road’ is more relevant now than back in the 50s? [@PattinsonStew]

I don’t know if it is more relevant. I don’t think it’s ever been irrelevant. I think that’s why people have been wanting to make a movie of it for decades. I think it’s maybe interesting that it happened now because people won’t necessarily focus entirely on the fact that they’re doing drugs and having sex because it’s not as shocking to see, necessarily. Maybe then it took a special kind of person to really feel the spirit and the feelings behind all of the things that may have hidden it for other people. And now it’s just not as veiled. Now you can actually appreciate it for what it is.

And for the most random question award ….. lol

Q: Why does Barack Obama follow a Kristen Stewart appreciation account? [@teenstripper]

I didn’t know that. That’s insane. That’s crazy. (laughs)

Read the interview in its entirety here.


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