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Kristen was interviewed a couple months ago about working with Nicolas Ghesquiere (and meeting Charlotte Gainsbourg), slowly delving into her inner fashionista, and why she now loves to wear perfume.

[Nicolas] made my Cannes dress. And I went to the Met ball with him. And we sat down together and I watched him draw this…thing. I think he would say that I had something to do with it, but that’s bullshit. I just sat there. I do love those graphic sweatshirts [from Fall 2012]. And the sheer long dresses—and the shoes! I love all of the shoes so much. I must say, I’ve seen the new [Spring] collection—and it’ so unbelievably cool.

She is also very enthusiastic about the Balenciaga Spring 2013 line and Florabotanica:

 It’s such a funny thing that it does, that it suddenly gives you “something.” It puts you on another level. There’s sophistication to it. I feel a little bit…hello! And that feels really good. It’s sex. It’s vibrant. And thank God I liked [Florabotanica] when I smelled it; I’m not a good liar.

To read the rest of Kristen’s interview, please view the source below.

Source: / Via Kstewartnews

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