Kristen’s Interview with Globe and Mail

Kristen talks about the amazing and unbeleivable support her fans have for her, showing a bit of surprise when one asked her to sign a copy of East of Eden:
“I signed a copy of East of Eden last night,” says Kristen Stewart. “I was like, what the …”
You’d have to see her to know she doesn’t believe this herself. There’s the ironic emphasis on Eden. There’s her self-deprecating smile gone awry. There is, in every Stewart interview, a certain undisguised incredulity at the people who’ve made her famous.

When asked about why Kristen had a splint on her finger, Kristen replied that she had broken it, not expanding on the topic. We know Kristen is such a klutz and aren’t surprised that she’s hurt herself once again, but what seems fishy here is that normally she tells us how it happened, almost as if she’s proud of how it occurred. Needless to say, Kristen has been keeping a lot of herself private, nowadays :/

Later on in the interview, Kristen talks about her love for books:

“I think if you were to watch a true depiction of the novel in every sense, if you could predict every line, it would be so not the experience of reading the book,” says Stewart, who read and fell in love with it when she was 14. “[Salles] didn’t change things just to have a beginning, a middle, and an end to satisfy people. I do really feel the same thing when you read the book: there are so many things presented to you, so many streets you could decide to walk down.”

The topic of Kristen’s infamous Ohio road trip is brought up again:

A week before Salles began shooting, Stewart went on a road trip with two of her friends. Did she drive? “No,” she says in the eye-rollingest tone. “I was driven. On my road trip.

They made it to Ohio. Ohio? That sounds like the saddest adventure. “It’s not sad! It was so cool.” She almost smiles. “It’s about the reach, babe.”

Another topic that a lot of these interviews tend to bring up is whether Kristen enjoyed playing the always free Marylou. Kristen seems to be talking more about herself than her character in her response; you be the judge:

“It’s funny,” she says, finally. “Getting to know the people behind the characters made it a lot easier to play her. I don’t want to say like a prop, but she’s … it’s just that she is like scenery a little bit. You can connect the dots and wonder what kind of person it would take to do that, but knowing her, she had a capacity for – honestly, I mean she’s really a female version of Neal. I mean, she, she grew up with him, she was kind of raised by him, um …”

Not until I play back the tape do I guess that Hedlund interrupts now to protect her. In seeming to answer the question about her character and not about herself, Stewart talked more about herself and her boyfriend than she should have.

“I was thinking about that question,” Hedlund says. “And it’s like, we got to live a fearless life for a chunk of time before we had to go back to a life in which we had something to lose.”

Kristen Stewart doesn’t look up. She just says, yeah.

Read the rest of her adorable interview here!

Source: The Globe and Mail / Via @vonch

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