Kristen’s Interview with USA Today – TIFF

Kristen talks to USA Today about the difference between her and Marylou, stating that Marylou is much more of a free spirit, whereas she is more reserved:

Personality-wise, we’re so different. I am just a little bit more locked up and with time, I think that’s going to go,” says Stewart. “I don’t think it’s possible to change who you are.

Kristen also speaks about how it’s nice to have a break inbetween filming Twilight over the past 5 years:

“I have been pretty lucky. I’ve gotten to switch things up. Five years of one thing … it would asinine,” says Stewart.

And Kristen continues to keep mum about how she broke her finger…

And the most important question of the day: why is her finger in a splint? She broke it, shrugs Stewart.

Source: USA Today / Via @vonch

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