More HQs of Kristen at TIFF for ‘On The Road’

Here are some of my favorites from the new group of HQs. Check out our master post of the event here and our pocket guide to help you locate pictures, videos, interviews & more!

To view over 100 more HQs, head on over to KStewartFans!

Source: KStewartFans

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4 thoughts on “More HQs of Kristen at TIFF for ‘On The Road’

  1. She is absolutely stunning but seems so thin and fragile. The dress is gorgeous on her and the make-up is perfect, not too heavy. Kristen is really a beauty. And in OTR she proves one more time that she is very talented.

  2. Kristen is such a beautiful young lady. She will be stronger and more grounded after the “storm” in her life. I will definitely watch OTR.

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