Nathan Fuja’s Beautiful Kristen Stewart Art $25! Is Robert Pattinson Next?

 I remember when Nathan first posted pictures of his stunning Kristen print! Jen did a wonderful interview with Nathan- love to hear his thoughts on it all!

*This story originally ran on the Pattinson Post on March 26, 2012 here.  The interview was done by Jen Freligh.*

Nathan Fuja jumped onto the Pattinson Post twitter feed when he produced an unusual and beautiful screen print of Kristen Stewart. It immediately caught our eye as well as the eyes of many of her fans and one of her producers, Giovanni Agnelli. Nathan has been a fun artist for us to chat with and when we found out he was working on a print of Rob, we knew we wanted to know more about him and the process behind his art. He was generous enough to share with us about his inspiration, artistic process and what moves him to choose the actors portraits he creates for his screen prints.                                                    

What is your background in art? Did you grow up doing art as a child or come to it as an adult?  My mother was an artist and she taught me to paint as a child.  It was a wonderful experience to see the world in a different way at such a young age.  I worked with watercolor and pencil at the beginning, now work with acrylics and pens.  

How do you choose your subjects? In particular your celebrity subjects, what drew you to Kristen Stewart and Natalie Wood?  I choose subjects that move me.  If they have a compelling story or their body of work speaks to me, than I am drawn to them.  Kristen Stewart was a combination of her beauty, her choice of roles and how she is able to breathe life into a character and make it her own.  It’s more than acting, it’s becoming and when someone is able to do that it ignites something in me.  Natalie Wood is a part of a film royalty with her roles in Miracle on 34th Street, Rebel Without A Cause and West Side Story.



On your website it talks about your screen printing being a fairly new medium for you? What other mediums do you enjoy expressing yourself with?  It is (a new medium for me), before I would paint something and that would be the end of it.  Being able to make multiples of something that I love and I want to share is wonderful.  Screen printing allows me to do this and for the result to be handmade and just as great as the original.  I’m addicted to photography, always looking for moments to capture.   Social media has been a great place for you to share your work- do you use Facebook and Twitter?  I mainly use Twitter, it’s more interactive and people are more open and to the point.  Twitter is a butterfly and Facebook is a bird, both can take your message out into the world.  The bird might be able to go further, but the butterfly does it more playfully.  

Have you been able to show your work in galleries near you or is it largely via the web at this point?  Just the web for now, eventually I want to show in a gallery if a gallery would have me.  

You mentioned you are doing a portrait of Rob? How did you decide on a photo and what is your process like when developing it?   It’s just something I feel, it’s hard to explain other than that.  As for the process, I will look at it for a few days or weeks until I see how I want it to be.  Then, I get out my brushes and get busy!  



UPDATE: Nathan has finished his Rob print, but has no plans at this point to sell it.   You can purchase signed and numbered copies of the Kristen Stewart print for $25 here.Keep updated with Nathan Fuja here: 

Twitter: @nathanfuja 

WOW! $25 is a steal for that Kristen print! Absolutely love it! (I’ll be buying it! Merry early Christmas to me!) I don’t know about all of you but I’d LOVE to see that Rob print go on sale! 
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  1. i love any work or fan art i make it too and i really enjoy all the process this two prints are really great, really nice job!

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