New Kristen Interview in Austrian Woman

Kristen talks about On The Road, Fifty Shades of Grey, and Breaking Dawn Part 2.

Are you able to really understand and explain the hype around the Twilight movies?

I was obsessed with this topic myself… if so many people identify themselves with what you’re doing, it arouses energy. To share something with friends is way more fun that the thing itself. I think that’s what caused this hype.

There was a lot of talking about the Breaking Dawn Part 1 sex scenes. What about Part Two?

The first time was really sweet, it was not about wild sex. Bella and Edward started to discover each other. In Part Two we wanted to jump each other’s bones like wild animals but the guys in charge dismissed the idea. The movie is supposed to be PG13!

Things in On the Road on the other hand, are a really stormy affair! More than once you are seen topless and you have a threesome. Was it hard to play the nude scenes?

No! On the Road was my first favorite book and for me, as a 14-year old, Marylou was an icon! Director Walter Salles gave us about four weeks during which we had the time to analyze the story, rehearse, and ask questions. As soon as we arrived on set we just had to let things happen – it was like breathing.

Would you agree to play the lead role in 50 Shades of Grey? The author E.L. James is known to be a Twilight fan after all and you supposedly served as a model for Anastasia Steele in the BD/SM novel.

Maybe it would be fun. But you need to have a lot of courage. When I read the first couple of passages I thought they were kind of daft (laughs). I couldn’t believe it when I saw people reading the book and thought “Hey man, you’re in public!”

Back to Twilight: Throughout the movies there were a lot of ups and downs for Bella. In how far did these things affect you personally?

Very. I can’t really separate myself from her. These feelings, these important moments in life have build up over the years and I can see myself in them. You just cannot get up each morning look at the script and go over everything again. I’m going to miss Bella.

And the other [actors/characters]? How was it to part ways after four years of Twilight?

Just thinking about it was really tough. I was doing a scene with Taylor and didn’t know that it was our last scene together. When he said “That’s it, buddy.” I could have cried. Later one, I often thought to myself ‘Please, please, let one of these scenes be screwed up so we have to reshoot.’

Can you remember the first impression you had about your co-stars?

(laughs) I liked Rob’s pants. Seriously. Crazy actually. Taylor was just a child when I met him for the first time and after New Moon he was literally a man. This certain connection was immediately there with both of them.

With what will you surprise fans who have already read the book in the finale?

I hope this doesn’t sound arrogant but we really thought about some cool things. It was obvious that people expected a lot of emotions at the end of it all. I can only say that I’ve seen it four times and I cried each time!

Have you ever been afraid that your role as Bella would pigeonhole you and never get you any other roles?

No, it’s the biggest compliment, especially if it’s given by fans of the book. Please pigeonhole me! Because that means I did my job. If a Twilight fan finds it weird to see me in another role, than that’s the biggest praise I could get for my work. I if were any different I’d be worried. Next time I have to convince again. I love the challenge. And because of Bella I can pick the challenge I like.

“Acting is like Sex: do it but don’t talk about it”, that’s the motto of Kristen Stewart.

Thank you to @KStewandRPatz for giving us permission to post this Translation & Transcription of Kristen’s Interview in Austrian Woman Magazine.

Scans for interview can be found here.

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