Part 2 of Kristen’s Print Interview with Movieline – TIFF

Kristen tells Movieline that although Marylou is a free spirited character, she did not judge her and enjoyed playing her on screen and found the book “fun”:

What I found about her is, that uniquely to her — and not to the time she lived in — was her capacity to see through people’s flaws and see past them, which was unbelievable. She was just such a wonderful woman. She was infectious. And, no, I did not judge her.”

She also mentions her family and who she surrounds herself with was affected by reading the book at a young age:

I have a great family by the way, but you need to find people who can pull something out from you that might be otherwise unseen. And when I read the book, I thought, ‘Gosh I need to find people like that.’ I’m definitely not the Marylou type. But as I continued reading it as I got older, the weight of it started to mean something more.”

Not to mention it helped her professionally and in her person life:

“If this has taught me anything, it’s just that if you stop thinking and just breathe through it, you’re such a better actor. You just have to do the work initially and then trust that you’ve already done that work and not get too analytical. You have to trust that you’ve already completed that effort,” she said.

Read the rest of the interview here and part 1 of her interview here.

Source: Movieline

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