Possible Kristen sighting at LAX

Possible Kristen sighting at LAX guys dsfsdjfa 😀 Lets hope baby girl is back and in Robertos arms. Hopefully we’ll get some FAN pics soon. Hope she had a nice land and a pap free way home.

Leave comments below on what you think. Baby girl back home? Lets hope so!

more tweets from our source here: @thawra611 a fellow Kristen fan!

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3 thoughts on “Possible Kristen sighting at LAX

  1. Probably true!!, It would make sense for her to go home to La. Happy if she didnt get paped, those paparazzi are fucking crazy, and so mean to her. But why think she is back in Robs arms? I dont think everything is fin between theme and that they are back to normal. After what happen,
    it will take time for theme to get back together. They should probably start as friends( as it started), built up that trust again. I want theme to be back together, seeing kristen looking at the ring she got from rob, makes me realize how much she misses him. I think they are trying to work things out, they have known each other for so long, and the love they had for eachother dont just stop.

  2. Kristen is one strong young woman. I am only a few years older than her and have been through so much with my bf (now fiance) of seven years. Life happens, shit happens, some of it you can never take back. It’s true you can forgive but never forget. Rob has to make those decisions on his own. I know I did. But, only they know the truth and I pray the truth is what they remember and not the BS of society and public eyes. I wish them nothing but happiness! And, I’m praying for togetherness!

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