Possible Rob sightings in NYC (Rob and Kristen in NYC together?)

Two new Rob sightings in NYC. Maybe Kristens still there and they are chillin in NYC for a bit. Also Marcus Foster is in NYC for his gig on the 18th, maybe Rob and possible Kristen are there to support their friend.

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Maybe you’ll get lucky and see RK 🙂 & also its always nice to support Rob and Kristens friends.

Leave your comments below on what you think. Fingers crossed for Roberto & Baby girl to be there together! 😀

Sources: @Wands_05 & @elisaruizz & @Beau_Nelson

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15 thoughts on “Possible Rob sightings in NYC (Rob and Kristen in NYC together?)

  1. Hoping they are together in NY!! 🙂 I truly believe wherever they are the healing and rebuilding is taking place! When we see them n Nov., we will see a very diffferent couple. Yes, they will look just as beautiful as always but you will see a couple who will never take their love or each other for granted again!

  2. “Never Give Up No Matter how Hopeless” Jack to Rose.Titanic,1997.so….hope them both at NYC together..if not today maybe tomorrow,maybe the next day or the very next day…..

  3. if they are there together would be really great but if they arent well hopefully it will happen and i know what rob wants i be ok with it i only want to see him happy again

  4. oh come on this is the clue we want !hoping to see them together ,come on rob and kristen stay in ny to support marcus foster pleaseeeeeeeee!

  5. I was ecstatic when I read the article in today’s sun that they were back together and rob had forgiven kristen. I hope this is true with all my heart because they are such a beautiful couple, I have been miserable these last 8 weeks having read so many conflicting stories, you don’t know what to believe. I truly hope this is for real and they have a family together and live happily ever after. Rob is a true gent and clearly loves kristen to bits for giving her another chance, he is the best!!!!

    • why do you say that? this post is from yesterday. there hasnt been pics of either of them at the airport thats why they are Possible sightings. just because Ruth is in LA doesnt mean Kristen is.

        • some sightings are false, some true. still no pics so we still dont know the where abouts of both of them. lets just keep our fingers crossed that they are in the same place 🙂

  6. I’ve only today come across this site and I love it.

    I like that you post sightings. Any sighting (although rarely reliable) is exciting. I can never get enough Rob updates lol.

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