StyleStew Saturday

If you’re going to do a photoshoot in Cannes, why not do it on a rooftop? In a pool?
At her photoshoot with Marie Claire magazine with Sam Riley and Garrett Hedlund, Kristen wore a graphic Blondie t-shirt tucked into her black Hudson distressed cutoffs for a sunny afternoon.  Instead of wearing her jacket, she propped her signature Balenciaga moto jacket on her shoulder.
In fact, this is another one of those outfits of hers you can recreate easily!  Vintage band t-shirts are easy to find, especially in thrift stores and hipster boutiques.  Even though Kristen’s Dolce & Gabbana tee is on the pricey side, it doesn’t mean you can’t find one similar!  Just pick your favorite artist and pair it with do-it-yourself jean cutoffs! Go to your local thrift store, find a pair that fit especially good in the waist, and destroy those babies!  They’re fun to make and cheap!
 As for the moto jacket, those you can find closer to fall and winter, but here’s a great one on sale at Express for under $100!
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