‘Twilight Saga’ movie marathon: The beginning of The end

Today @Twilight confirmed another #TwilightSagaMarathon. Make sure to check your local movie theater for sale dates. LETS GO OUT AND MAKE THEM PROUD! show our support for Rob and Kristen! 🙂

“The marathon, to be held in theaters nationwide, will comprise the four films in the franchise to date: “Twilight,” “New Moon,” “Eclipse” and “Breaking Dawn — Part 1.””

Okay now im all for that souvenir! Me gusta free things haha especially if its a memory from the BEST saga evaaaaa! Leave your comments below on what you think about the marathon and the cute souvenir we’ll be getting. 🙂

“Attendees will be also be treated to additional interstitial content and a souvenir lanyard, and the marathon will culminate with 10 p.m. screenings of the “Breaking Dawn — Part 2″ finale.”

For more information go to latimes.com

Source: latimes.com

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5 thoughts on “‘Twilight Saga’ movie marathon: The beginning of The end

  1. The marathon will be awesome, it will bring fans together and they will share their love for the entire series. Twilight fans are the best fans in the world and they really can’t wait to actually be there, waiting at the cinema in order to watch Braking Dawn part 2.

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