EXCLUSIVE: Interview w/ The CO [‘Breaking Dawn Part 2’ Soundtrack Candidates]

Check out their song, “Safe With Me,” written for Breaking Dawn Part 2 here! You can download this song and more on their website 🙂

About the Band

SR: What are each of your names & how long have you guys been together?
The CO:
The CO is Troy Akers, Collin Brace + Nate Fleming. We have been together for 9 years now.

How would you describe your “sound” or “style”?
We are heart music. We only write about what we think, feel, believe. It’s truly “life” music. We feel these songs just as much as the listener…if we don’t think/feel/believe it…we don’t sing about it. It’s love. It’s life. It’s the ups AND the downs.

Who influenced you when you first started to play music?
We are influenced all over the board. I think that has a lot to do with how unique our personalities are. It really started out as an innate love inside of us to do this…and when we realized the creativity that blossomed between the three of us is when we decided to start making a mark together.

The Twilight community is very engaged into social networking. Do you have a Twitter and/or Facebook where fans can interact with you?
Yes! We do. You can find us on Twitter @TheCOmusic or on Facebook at facebook.com/thecomusic—also feel free to check out our website at www.thecomusic.com and our youtube page at youtube.com/thecomusic

Twilight & “Safe with Me”

Obviously, “Safe with Me” was written specifically for Breaking Dawn Part 2. Were you able to view the film in its entirety before writing the song?
We worked with people that had seen the film and they relayed the idea to us. We, however, have not seen it yet.

Was there a specific scene, character, emotion that inspired you when writing the lyrics to “Safe with Me”?
We  were asked to channel “Bella’s Lullaby” written for the first film. And since the arc of the story is closing with this final installment, it was to be a new vision and an endcap to this awesome series.

Describe the process you went through to have your song selected to be on the Breaking Dawn Part 2 Soundtrack.
We’ve had really strong relationships with the people involved with the music on the film for a while and they approached us about four months ago along with a number of other bands to create a song that was inspired by the story. The song made it up the food chain and past a number of filters and into the director’s hands. Unfortunately a week before everything was locked in, we got beat out. In all honesty, just to HAVE the chance to create something for a franchise such as this was a mind-blower. It’s been one of my dreams for a very long time. And the three of us jumped at the thought of even getting to be involved. To us, it’s already a huge accomplishment.

Have you watched any of the other Twilight Saga films? If so, what film would you say was your favorite?
I would say the last film, BD part 1 has to be it. The story at this point and surely in this next film is at its peak. The soundtrack for the last one really, in my opinion, helped a ton with that. Can’t wait to see where it goes.

Was this the first time you have written a song for a movie or big production? If not, what movies/productions have you worked for?
Actually no! We have been going at this for a while now and done some awesome work with the ABC Family network (we love them!) and worked on pieces for NASDAQ as well as for The Vampire Diaries.

If you could tour with any other band, who would it be?
oh goodness. Coldplay. OneRepublic. Hot Chelle Rae. Fun. Fleetwood Mac. The list goes on.


Will you be in LA around Nov 8th -12th? We’d love to meet you!
We won’t be unfortunately. We are actually here now….playing a show at hotel cafe on the 23rd!!!

Will you be going on tour soon? Where can we find out when & where you will be?
The answer to this is yes. The when is TBA. We have a new record coming out next spring and will be ramping up to put ourselves out there as far as we can go. Our fans are who MAKE us. We exist for them becos this music is for them. We started calling them #COhorts on Twitter…and that is exactly just what they are to us. Partners in crime. Our banners…our flag-wavers.

Special thanks to Troy Akers from The CO for being so awesome! <3

This is definitely the coolest, most talented band we’ve ever talked to! We cannot believe this song wasn’t chosen for the Breaking Dawn Part 2 Soundtrack! It fits PERFECTLY with the mood of the end of the Saga. We definitely urge you to check it out and share it with your friends!

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