Kristen in The ‘Kickin-A List’ for Variety’s 2012 Women’s Impact Report

Variety recently put out its 2012 Women’s Impact Report. Kristen is included in “The Kickin-A list” for her role as ‘Snow White’ in Universal’s ‘Snow White & the Huntsman. Womens Impact is an annual opportunity to highlight the women who continue to influence Hollywood and the world.

Variety describes the honorees:

Our list is merely a snapshot of some of the amazing women working in the entertainment industry today, we aimed to include femmes from different disciplines and while there were dozens more more we could have included, we chose to focus this year on those who influenced the industry by thinking outside of the box. The question we asked for every honoree was, “was this person just doing their job?” or “did she do something extraordinary outside of her normal responsibilities?” We invite both men and women to sit back, pour a glass of champers and enjoy our 2012 Women’s Impact Report.

Kristen is honored in The Kickin-A List. Variety explains:

Amid all the testosterone-heavy tentpoles and hit pay TV action series this year, it was the female characters that really delivered the knockout punches. From the heroines of summer block­busters to the folks that made the smallscreen sizzle, women held their own in fare that might have originally been targeted for men, but were enjoyed by all.

Kristen Stewart as Snow White in “Snow White and the Huntsman”:

In a year where Snow White could be found in many forms on the screen (“Mirror Mirror” and the ABC series “Once Upon a Time,” which features Ginnifer Goodwin as a pretty badass Snow White who’s handy with a sword), Stewart made the character her own with a steely version of the apple-loving beauty.

Standout scene: After her resurrection, Snow White leads the revolution against her evil stepmother Ravenna, heading Duke Hammond’s army in a charge against the castle.

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