MTV First w/ Rob, Kristen & Taylor – Nov 1st

Here is the press release MTV posted earlier about the big MTV First announcement! Rob, Kristen, and Taylor are set to attend as well as the rest of the cast (hopefully they don't mean ALL of them .. idk if that could fit in one room!). Be sure to submit your question to @MTVNews with the hashtag #AskTwilight. Last year, we had a question answered!

The highly anticipated release of “Breaking Dawn – Part 2” truly marks the end of an era. And since MTV News has followed the record-breaking franchise from the beginning, we're pulling out all the stops to celebrate the final chapter in Stephenie Meyer's best-selling vampire romance series.

Get ready for an extra-special dose of “Breaking Dawn” goods Thursday, November 1, at 8 p.m. ET, when MTV News presents “MTV First: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2,” an exclusive sit-down with Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, during which they will introduce a never-before-seen clip from the film on MTV.

Following the on-air introduction of the exclusive clip, the “Twilight” trio will stick around for a lengthy interview on and will joined by other castmembers as well. Fans can get in on the action immediately by submitting video or text questions beginning today via or Twitter (@MTVNews, hashtag #AskTwilight).

In the meantime, don't miss our Twi-Fight Saga: A “Twilight” Tournament, which features dozens of characters going head-to-head in a battle that lets the fans choose their all-time favorite, who will be crowned November 12. After you've cast your vote in the Twi-Fight over at, check out MTV or tonight (October 30) at 6:55 p.m. ET/PT for the world premiere of Green Day's music video “The Forgotten,” the first music video from the film's soundtrack, on MTV and “The Forgotten” marks the band's first contribution to a “Twilight” soundtrack, which will drop three days before the film's release, on Tuesday, November 13.

Last but certainly not least, MTV will present a “Twilight Takeover” on Saturday, November 10, and Sunday, November 11, hosted by MTV News' Josh Horowitz, who will treat fans to a series of exclusive MTV moments from the very first interview with the cast through his latest exclusive interviews. The moments will appear throughout the weekend around MTV's scheduled programming.

Source: MTV

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3 thoughts on “MTV First w/ Rob, Kristen & Taylor – Nov 1st

  1. Only one question – Who is Josh Horowitz related too to get that job – family connections?
    His father / Uncle / Grandfather owns’ the network? Since the entertainment industry is primarily family based interrelated ness …. He’d have to be hooked-up since his capabilities are so very mediocre.
    I think he’s lacking in some fundamental & basic interviewing skills.
    Can’t someone send him to school for further training to up his game?
    Of all the twi interviewers he’s about the least capable and unappealing TV guy.
    Funny think is he has the money to pay for education to improve his pitch. Someone please help him!
    Or kindly bring out the big hook to pull him off stage.

    • I’d like to disagree with you. I have never seen Rob and Kristen so comfortable with an interviewer like they are with him. They treat him as a friend more than they treat him as part of the media. I’d say that’s a job well done on his part!

    • I need to disagree too. His interviews are one of my favourites if not the favourites!
      Hes always funny and natural and make them being comfortable during interview…

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