Rob and Kristen's Interview with Ciak Magazine + New/Old 2008 Picture of Rob & Kristen

Rob discusses which movie was the hardest to film and why:

“Breaking Dawn. It's two movies but we shot them back to back. Which means a 2 hour in the make-out trailer every day for 8 months.”

He also talks about crazy fan experiences, where at Comic Con someone asked him if he was comfortable being Prince Charming to Kristen's Snow White:

“At the last Comic Con in San Diego, I was with Kristen who was also promoting Snow White and the Huntsman, and a girl approached me to ask if I felt comfortable being Prince Charming. I wasn't able to convince her that it wasn't me…”

Rob jokes about living in a family of all women, including his dad:

“I grew up in a house full of women, my mother, my sisters, my father even. No, no, it's a joke, don't write that, I wouldn't want my dad to get hurt. I'm sorry, my sense of humour is a bit weird.”

Kristen discusses how Bella has changed since the first Twilight movie and how she approaches the character:

 I was't even allowed to get on a motorbike. Bella is now powerful and brave, and is confident. Maybe it'll be more difficult for the audience to identify themselves with her, but it was more fun for me.

How has she changed since she started Twilight?

“I've grown 2 cm taller! Really, I only realized it last time I've been measured.”

She also talks about bringing her characters with her wherever she goes and that she never says goodbye to them:

 Actually, I never really say goodbye to my characters, I always take them inside of me. I believe I wouldn't have any problem if I had to reshoot some scenes of every movie I made, even the oldest ones. Of course my relationship with Bella has been longer and more complex, because I've never lived with any other character for 5 years.”

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Source: Ciak Magazine / Via RPLife / Translation via @csi_robsten

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