Rob and Kristen's Night Out at a Prince Concert Last Night in LA (10/25)

Source: SarahMOnline

From LA Weekly Blogs / Via @adarkparadise :

The crowd included just over 200 people, including Robert Pattinson, and Kristen Stewart. He had his arm around her and at another point she was holding on to his arm.

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3 thoughts on “Rob and Kristen's Night Out at a Prince Concert Last Night in LA (10/25)

  1. To me, they look adorable.But this PDA just weeks before the movie makes me think of PR for the movie. I think i’ll see if they are still a thing next year.I hope so!

    • I don’t understand the idea of them doing this for PR…The movie will make money! Rob and Kristen do not need to do personal PR for the movie. They have been a couple for about 4 years. I guess Rob was not ready to throw that away. They must have worked all of that out them selves. Please do not spread the idea that them being together is PR. Drives me crazy. I have been a fan since the first movie and have watched them mature. I hope people will just leave them alone to just live their lives. I bet Kristen and Rob really can’t wait for this movie to come out so they can try to have a LIFE!!

  2. true, they don’t need publicity to sell the movie, it has a big followers already & they don’t come across to me as someone who will use their personal life for the sake of publicity Not their cup of tea. I just hope people will leave them alone especially Kristen & BE HAPPY FOR THEM!

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