Rob Sighting in NYC for IFC Films Dinner (10/5)

Source: @eug / @ZeitchikLAT

Other Tweets:

@ThePlaylist: Was just in restroom-close proximity to Mr. Pattinson. OmgEEE.

@BrooksId R-Patz smokes an e-cig. So chic.

@MattDentler: Robert Pattinson was the surprise guest at the @IFCFilms dinner tonight. He was looking good with his friends, supporting Olivier Assayas.

@nigelmfs: Top thing I learned tonight: you can smoke e-cigs in restaurants. Thank you Robert Pattinson. And yes he looked hot while puffing on it.

And it looks like Mr. Pattinson is After Partying at Monkey Bar!!

@mrsfro22: OMG…just saw Robert Pattison at the Monkey Bar, New York! #hot&sexy #worththewait

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