Rob Talks Pre- and Post-Twilight w/ Star Club Magazine (Excerpt)

Rob comments about how Edward has almost become a part of himself:

In the end, you’re still happy to have played Edward, right?
Rob: Yes, he’s an extension of myself, like a good friend. He helped me learn more about myself and I will be eternally grateful. I grew up though and if tomorrow Stephenie Meyer writes a sequel to Twilight, I’d gladly read it. I don’t think people would like me reprising the role. I’d be too old to play him again.

In one question, Rob talks about how Twilight improved his life, and how it made him able to live dreams he thought weren’t in the card for him. Interestingly enough, he mentions how it’s hindered his life saying that he lost his anonymity: “I lost what I cherished the most: my freedom. Some told me that it’s the price for success. I’m sorry to disagree but I feel like it’s a price too high to pay.”

And lucky for us, Rob answers the Dad question 😉

The big question! If you were to become a dad tomorrow, would you prefer to have a girl or a boy first?
I think that I’d have a better understanding with a boy. Girls are hard to understand. The instruction manual that comes with them is 800 pages long and written in Chinese! And if you know how to read it, you realise that you’re still missing 32 more chapters that are essential and you have to improvise. Whereas with a boy, it’s easy. Sports, tv, a video game, a big bowl of …., some Coke and he’s happy *laughs*!

To read the interview in its entirety, head on over to RPLife. Scans can be found at the source.

Translation thanks to Sonia from LeRPattzClub
Interview via RPLife

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