Rob & Taylor to Make an Appearance on Ellen – Nov 9

Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner on “Ellen” (taping November 5)

While I'm super excited that we'll see Rob on The Ellen Show again, something seems odd about Kristen not being there … I mean, she is kinda the most important character in the series …

Source: Gossip Cop

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4 thoughts on “Rob & Taylor to Make an Appearance on Ellen – Nov 9

  1. i agree……….Kristen as Bella built Twilight……maybe she has another committment…….was hoping all 3 would be on Kimmell…..but times they are a changing….we shall see…I seriously think Simmitt is keeping them apart until the grand finale at the premiere…I really believe they will walk the black carpet together for this one as actors and as a couple for the first time…..

  2. Yeah, I also think it’s kind of weird… And also that both Rob and Taylor has been invited to the show earlier (though separately) and not Kristen. I’ve got a feeling Kristen’s not been invited to participate at all since I really don’t understand why she would decline if she got the opportunity. However it’s sad she won’t be there since she’s got the main part of the whole series!

  3. Maybe Summit don’t want them together, in order to avoid incongruous questions about “the situation” and also in regard to their actual personnal life.

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