Rob to Make Appearance on Sunrise Australia – Oct 22

Live stream link here:

We aren't quite sure when this will air. Supposedly, Sunrise 7 comes on at 6AM local Sydney time; however, if that were the case, then it would have already aired ….

Seems as though Rob is stressing more and more about how he hates the paparazzi. This is a better time than ever to introduce you to our NO PAP POLICY here at Strictly Robsten. Please read our explanation as we will be adhering to this policy throughout Breaking Dawn Part 2 promo and beyond.

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One thought on “Rob to Make Appearance on Sunrise Australia – Oct 22

  1. Melissa I think is admirable your NO PAP Policy. I wish more people could follow your lead and also, this might be way to out there, that Kristen and Rob might stumble upon this site and see that some of us, the good and real fans do respect their privacy.

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