CONTEST! ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2’ Poster Giveaway!

As promised, I said that we would giveaway Breaking Dawn Part 2 posters if we reached 10,000 Twitter followers by Nov. 16th! Well, on the night of Nov 14th, we reached that goal 🙂 In celebration of our 10,000th Twitter follower, we will be giving away several Breaking Dawn Part 2 posters! You may be only a Bella fan, Edward fan, or EVERYONE fan! We’ve got posters to suit your needs 😉

Rules. One entry per person. Winners’ prizes will be given a first come, first served choice of which poster they would like. Contest is open to Internationally.

Because we are a Robsten website and without Twilight, Robsten wouldn’t have met, let’s make this contest show how much we love their love–our real life Edward & Bella <3

Challenge. Pick one picture from the Breaking Dawn Part 2 promo (includes ANYTHING during the BD2 Promo .. even Comic Con & TCAs!) that depicts Rob & Kristen’s undeniable love for one another. Be sure to search through our Breaking Dawn Part 2 Pocket Guide for help and inspiration. After finding that one picture that explains it all, upload it to this post! Then, have your friends vote for your image! The picture with the most votes wins! There will be a 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place prize winner. The order in which you select your poster will be determined by how many votes you received (i.e. the most votes picks first).


1st place: lexisoccer903 – 5,074 votes
2nd place: robsten_ezria – 2,816 votes
3rd place: Alexia – 2,577 votes
4th place: btvsfan13 – 1,069 votes
5th place: rosario_joana – 418 votes


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5 thoughts on “CONTEST! ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2’ Poster Giveaway!

  1. so the winners will be announced in the comment section of this page???? and if you are a winner, how are you supposed to respond?? do you just leave a comment on this page also?

    • The winners will be announced within the text of the page. All winners will be asked to fill out a contact sheet.

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