James Gandolfini Compliments Kristen in ‘On The Road’

James has nothing but sweet things to say about Kristen in On The Road. For those of you that are unaware of his relationship to Kristen, he starred alongside her in Welcome to the Rileys (another GREAT film).

“The only people for me are the mad ones.” — Jack Kerouac

Kristen Stewart is one of the mad ones. But mad in a beautiful way. And she is determined to make people mad. To show them she is more than Bella in “Twilight.” To show them she does burn, and smolder, and wants more out of her career and life. And smolder she does.

As soon as she steps into the movie “On the Road,” you can’t take your eyes off her. As Marylou, whenever she fixes her gaze, you see someone who will go as far as she can, and do it as mad as she can, to live and feel alive. And it is sexy and scary and reckless and smart. She can play all of these things. She has them at her fingertips. She is just beginning. She is fearless. And that can be that good, and that can be very bad. But she is smart enough to handle it.

Stick around my friends, and there will be much, much more to come. Thinking about it, I am smiling already.

Source: Variety

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2 thoughts on “James Gandolfini Compliments Kristen in ‘On The Road’

  1. I always liked James Gandolfini, and his relationship with Kristen is apparent with what he writes. The on screen relationship they had in Welcome to the Rileys was so innocent and raw, and so is this. Thank you for telling everyone what Kristen Stewart Fans already know about her. She should get the credit she deserves. Always.

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