Kristen and Stephenie Meyer’s Interview with LA Times + Portraits

Kristen and Stephenie talk about the pressures of expectations surrounding the Twilight saga movies through the years and how each one got more demanding as far as that goes:

“I never let the imposing, ever-present cloud of pressure affect me,” Stewart said. “To me, it was all pressure from the inside. Not the outside. That could have been crippling. You would wind up playing a really disjointed character if you were trying to satisfy a hundred thousand girls.”

“And every girl wants something different from each other,” added Meyer.

 “I wanted to protect [Bella] so badly. That’s how I find myself gravitating to certain roles,” she said. “I have to say though, considering we didn’t know we were going to finish the series, we made the first one our own in a way I would never, ever, ever feel humanly comfortable doing later on. I was much more concerned with detail later on in the series.”


Source: LA Times / Via @kstewangel / HQs via Kstewartfans

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