Kristen at Variety Studio Awards – Nov 28


Above, Kristen is posing with the CEO of Rolls-Royce, Torsten Mueller-Oetvoes.
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 Description of event (Source)

Attendees will have the opportunity to view the Phantom II Series, Ghost, and the Phantom Coupe Aviator Collection Car by taking a test-drive and speaking with Rolls-Royce executives and observe interviews that Variety will be conducting with Golden Globe nominees for their Studios Series.

Source: KStewartfans

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One thought on “Kristen at Variety Studio Awards – Nov 28

  1. Thanks Kristen, on behalf of the Krisbians, you know we love your tom-boy look. But wait, is that something on your chin there?…oh it’s just a little contentment weight. ok 🙂

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