Kristen in THR’s ‘Beatuy Issue’ (Hollywood’s Top 25 Beauty Moments of 2012)

Kristen made it to #10 with her ‘Classic Updo with a Twist’!

WHEN: At a May 29 Los Angeles screening of Snow White and the Huntsman.

WHY IT MATTERS: Her look combined punk and polish.

“I was never OK having a ‘do’ — I always wanted my hair to look like it fell perfectly, but not perfect,” says Stewart, 22, who credits her longtime hairstylist Abergel with creating her “undone” style. Even this updo looked disheveled and effortlessly cool. “I wanted to give a punk edge, but still keep softness like an old-school Victorian updo,” says Abergel, who first created volume and texture at the roots, then did a partial French braid at the top of the head. From the base of that braid to the nape of the neck, he executed a Mohawk look by twisting sections of hair into knots and creating a line of them down the head. Then he finished the braid at the nape and twisted it around to create an elaborate-yet-undone updo. “No matter what we do, Kristen’s wearing the hair and it’s never wearing her,” says Abergel, who met the star of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 (out Nov. 16) eight years ago on a magazine shoot. “I fell in love with her immediately and was inspired by how passionate she was at such a young age.”

Source: Twitter / janicebmin

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