Kristen Interview in Seventeen Magazine (Latin America)

In Seventeen Magazine (Latin America), Kristen talks about her fans, what advice she’d give to people like her, haters, BFFs, fashion, and working out.

About intense fan experiences:

It’s not really as intense anymore. It’s not that it’s gone, we still encounter big screaming crowds, but that only happens at premieres or stuff like Comic Con.

About haters:

It’s funny because when I talk about my movies I’m so nervous, and I hate that people think I’m being stuck up. If people don’t like me because of that. I could show them that they’re wrong. If they hate me for other reasons, there’s really nothing I can do about it and I don’t care, I’m happy with what I have.

Giving advice to a teen who doesn’t fit in:

Do you even like those people around you? I actually don’t care about that stuff, so I would tell them not to care. It’s hard being a teen and feeling left out, but at the same time it helps build who you are. Just don’t care about that stuff.

About her BFFs:

My BFF…let me think. I have so many close friends. If I only mention one, the rest are going to think, “Kristen, you said in a magazine that..” (laughs). There’s a friend that I grew up with who is my best friend. She’s crazy and she understands me. Dakota Fanning is another best friend. I respect her so much.


To read the rest of the interview (there are more questions!), view the source.

Source: Twilight Poison

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