Kristen on The Today Show (11/7)




*We do not post pap pics here, as per our no-pap policy. However, if you wish to view the HQs of Kristen outside of The Today Show, click here for the gallery from KStewartFans.


Fashion Details:

HQs: KStewartFans

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7 thoughts on “Kristen on The Today Show (11/7)

  1. Tell me I’m not the only one annoyed at them asking ‘THE’ question? And to hide behind ‘the fans want to know and would be mad at us’ irritates me even more. Honestly haven’t they had their privacy invaded enough? They’re there to promote their movie, have some respect. Geez. They both look happy and like they’re in a good place, I think for most fans that’s more than enough information. Ugh. A+ to Kristen on handling it though. And thanks for collecting and sharing all the interviews 🙂

      • the same , the same kristen never talk about her life , is her, her life really i dint expect that question for this program but kristen know how to answer fine for her

    • that was SO rude and tactless, I felt really bad for her. I was actually rolling my eyes quite a bit – she’s sitting there as giddy as she can be, and they actually thought she would answer that?

  2. I completely agree with jenny. Leave them alone. They ‘ve had enough of intrusive questions and scrutiny as it is. The fans don’t want to be associated with this.

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