Kristen’s Interview w/ USAToday at OTR US Premiere

USAToday was at the On The Road US Premiere last night and was able to ask Kristen a few questions in regards to her passion for making films and road trips:

She walked the press line calm, collected and friendly. Not even a stray piece of double-sided tape stuck to her top fazed her when a publicist stepped in to remove it halfway down the red carpet.

“I had the exact same feeling that I had when I was 15 that I did when I was like, 20,” she said. “At that age you look up and realize that you have anything that you could ever possibly imagine very much within reach. And I still feel that way.”

…. Ask if she’s leaning toward making more indies vs. big-budget blockbusters, and she’ll tell you that the level of risk feels the same regardless.

“If you’re working for reasons that drive me,” she began, and then continued, “It’s a shame, it’s like, absolutely heartbreaking when you find yourself on a movie set that you don’t find a commonality with the director and the cast and all of that. It doesn’t really matter what scale movie it is.”

Her favorite road trip? “The one that I took right before I did On the Road, probably,” she said. “We had to cram it into three days. I went to many diners.”

Also included in the article is a little description of the OTR After Party that Rob attended in support of Kristen:

After party
Her good mood continued at the Audi SkyLounge after-party at the Roosevelt Hotel, where she arrived — more casual now, in jeans, flats and a black leather bomber jacket — with Robert Pattinson. Both sported wide smiles, and the pair hung out with friends until well after midnight.

Source: USAToday

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