Kristen’s Interview w/ Wonderwall MSN About ‘OTR’

Last night, Kristen attended the On The Road US Premiere at AFI Festival. Kristen has spent all weekend doing promo interviews for Breaking Dawn Part 2. Lucky for her, she and Rob were given a break from all the vampire talk and were able to celebrate the success of OTR at the film’s after party.

Kristen talks about her Balenciaga outfit for the night and Wonderwall gives us a few details about Rob and Kristen at the after party:

“The first time I saw this thing, my jaw kind of hit the floor,” Stewart told Wonderwall. “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Stewart was joined at the event by co-stars Garrett Hedlund and Amy Adams, and by Pattinson, who snuck into the after-party at the Roosevelt Hotel with Stewart after the two ate together at Public Kitchen while the film was running. During the party Pattinson chatted with friends, while Stewart talked to Adams and others from the film.

Kristen talks about the real-life Marylou (aka LuAnne Henderson) and about taking a road trip herself:

“To be so aware of yourself and what you want, yet be so unaware of what other people think of you? You can have so much, you can live so rich,” Stewart said of Henderson. “It’s hard to explain, it’s so ridiculous. So as soon as I read that, I thought I should find people like that in life so I can run after them.”

“I think it all depends on who you’re with,” she said. “There would only be a handful of people I would go [on a road trip with]. My circle is small. But if you have nothing it makes it more fun because you have to go find it.

Source: Wonderwall MSN

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