Kristen’s Print Interview with Celebuzz About ‘OTR’ at AFI Festival

Kristen talks about Marylou and how ahead of her time she was and also mentions how the ‘On the Road’ characters are so far off from every day norms:

“The more familiar you are with each other, the less familiar you are with each other,” he enigmatically explained. “What attracted all of us to this book is the bravery that they all sort of shared within these moments, starting from when Dean answers the door naked. As a reader you get such a kick out of this cause this is sort of the furthest from any way you would sort of let anybody into your home for the first time.”

Also, while promoting Breaking Dawn Part 2 at the same time, she says she’s seen ‘On the Road’ books pop up in the crowd:

“I have seen little On The Road signs speckled throughout the crowd,” she observed. “It’s monumentally surreal to think that I have anything to do with it.”

Source: Celebuzz

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