New Fan Picture of Rob and Kristen + Flight Deets – Nov 23

From @linzivgardner

Loook who’s on my plane!!! robert pattinson and kristen stewart!! OMfG

100%serious we just arrived at the same time they were behind me in the line!

Couldn’t get a pic though up close šŸ™
at heathrow going to NY

yeah they are but they have gine up to first class with paul mcartney!! Really wanted a pic might try and get one!!

OMFG I can’t believe that!! So excited!!! New york city here I come with robert pattinson and kristen stewart and paul mcartney!!!

Another fan account (via @_locahauntus_)

“Hand-holding, he saw a movie while she slept propped on her instead. Held hands throughout the journey. When the Hostess told us that we were going to land, Robert started to wake her with sweet kisses and whispered: ‘Baby, wake we arrived. Wake up, Angel.’ She smiled and exchanged a quick kiss. They are a couple.”

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4 thoughts on “New Fan Picture of Rob and Kristen + Flight Deets – Nov 23

  1. For some very odd reason, when I saw them at the London Premiere, Kristen was really blooming as if a halo was radiating all around her…I think were in for a surprise, a very good one.

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