Rob and Kristen’s Interview with Premiere Magazine

Rob talks about never looking back at his past or acting history because he has so much to look forward to in the future:

 I don’t recognize myself. You have to know one thing, my memory only work for the last two years. I feel like I’m forgetting everthing gradually, maybe because I focus a lot on the future. It might be why I didn’t end up completely insane because I was thinking of what’s next. I rarely analyze the past for the simplest and good reason that I don’t remember it. (laughs). There’s no point judging what’s behind you. There will always be someone who did better than you. It’s better to focus on what you’re gonna do to be better than them/these people.

Rob also mentions that he’s in talks to work on another movie with David Cronenberg, who directed ‘Cosmopolis’:

 We talked about a few projects together, one being about child stars in Hollywood. The script is really funny and dark at the same time. In any case, David knows that he only has to pick up the phone and I’ll be there. I would do anything for him.

Kristen talks about how her emotions and experiences in and out of acting affect her:

Sometimes, some scenes from a script will help you reveal things about yourself, yes. And it can be a real shock. In the same way, making a movie will help you bring to the surface qualities that you didn’t even know were in you in the first place, buried really deep inside. I’ve faked emotions, for example, that I had never felt before. And when I finally felt them, I told myself: “Ah, so that’s what it feels like…” It will, again, probably seem weird to you, and maybe I shouldn’t reveal that much, but I had never really kissed a boy before I did it in a movie. And when it happened “for real”, I told myself: “Wait, it’s my first kiss but I’ve already kissed someone in a movie.” So strange.

She also mentions what she sees or thinks about when she watches the first Twilight movie:

 Me when I was 17.. (laughing) I often ask myself what my points of reference would be if I hadn’t been an actress, but the different stages of my life are marked by movies, and that our key experiences often happen on the set of a movie. Also, I spent my 18th birthday at the end of the first Twilight, a very important moment, especially in the life of a young woman. I remember it like it was yesterday.

Rob Translation: RPLife

Kristen Translation: @somelostbliss

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