Rob & Kristen Sighting in NYC? – Nov 23

Casa Magazine on 8th ave x 12th street with Imran running the show. We just ran into Robert Patterson and Kristen Stewart lookin’ 4 zig zags

Info about ZigZag’s:

  • Known as ZigZag at Le Bain
  • Gay bar
  • Located on W 13th St (Meatpacking District)
  • Website description:
    • For a more, um, watered-down affair, head along to ZigZag, the Thursday night from Beige-founder Erich Conrad. Less colourful and less scandalous (do we need to say more straight?), it nonetheless draws in an attractive crowd who’s keen to kick off the weekend early.Mixed rather than outright gay, it’s gay-friendly in this venue that can be anything but (particularly on weekends). Co-hosted by fabulous nightlife veteran Sophia Lamar, you can be sure of a strong turnout of handsome boys and pretty poseurs, alongside Euro hipsters pulled in by Misshapes’ Greg K and promoter Kristin Gallegos.

    Note: On this website, it says that the hours for ZigZag’s is Thursdays from 10pm-3am. The alleged sighting was from last night (FRIDAY). This doesn’t quite add up.

Source: ZigZag at Le Bain

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