Rob’s Interview with Dutch TV Guide


“If I have something in common with Kristen? Oh. Uhm. Pfff. (long silence) I think I’m having a black-out (nervous laughter) Uhm, well. Pretty much. I don’t know. In our work we have the same taste. What we think is important for instance, we always agree on. Also how we present ourselves in public”


“I’m not a fan of biting people, but I do see similarities with vampires. I don’t like daytime very much, I prefer the night. I don’t sleep much. I keep getting requests from 9-year olds if I want to bite them. But that’s where the similiarities end.”


“Putting on the vampire make-up wasn’t that bad. I did hate the contact lenses. The benefits of the make-up is that my skin finally got taken care of properly. It got cleaned very thoroughly afterwards, while I usually just splash some water in my face.”


“Everybody is always saying what a good boyfriend Edward is, but what he does is pretty standard, you know. If someone is trying to kill your lover, wouldn’t you try to save her? I wonder what the boyfriends of all the female Twilght fans are like! Other than that I’m not that gallant. I always pour myself a glass of wine first.”


“I want to be. This is how it goes for me: If I’m not happy with the shooting – pretty much every day – I try to make it up the next day, or even better. So I go home irritated almost every day. For years. Then I’m convinced I screwed up the entire year. I never think I’m good enough.”


“I realize how immature I am, when I see Mackenzie (Foy, who plays Edward and Bella’s daughter) working. She really looks up to Kristen, really thinks she’s an example. And she thinks I am a weird guy. She told me in the first two weeks. But maybe it’s because I play her teenage father. You should find your father a little weird, right? I can get pretty weird after a shot.”

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Source: Robert Pattinson UK / Via RPLife

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