Rob’s Interview with The San Francisco Chronicle

Rob talks about Edward’s character and how his emotions as a vampire don’t change much:

“It’s a strange character because there’s not too many places to go,” says Pattinson of much lusted-after, noble “vegetarian” vampire Edward Cullen. “He’s gonna be around forever, he can’t die, can’t get hurt, his emotions are quite fossilized as well. I think (series author Stephenie Meyer) mentioned this in a book: With vampires, once you start feeling one thing, it just stays like that for ages. Once he’s fallen in love with Bella, that’s it. There’s no other place to go but worrying about her.”

He also mentions how filming changed after the first movie became a worldwide hit:

“But as soon as that one hit, the second one was very much about – we were all saying,” he says, dropping to an enthusiastic, conspiratorial whisper, ” ‘We’re gonna make it way better, way better!’ It was much more slick on the second one. You could feel the kind of machine growing. By the third one it was like, ‘Yeah, we’re definitely doing a franchise.’ “ He laughs.

“Everyone was so passionate on the first one. We didn’t want it to be just a teen movie or anything. It’s good to know that’s how this huge thing started. And we kept fighting. It was just a much bigger thing to fight against. But in the beginning, yeah, it was a great energy to be born out of.”

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Source: San Francisco Chronicle  / Via RPLife



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